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The OneZ Story 
Founded in 2018, OneZ Group aims to advance the ecosystem of second-hand goods trading by connecting sellers and buyers on a digitalized and transparent platform. Committed to sustainable living and social responsibility, the Group advocates innovative and viable solutions to extend product lifecycles, thus promoting waste reduction at large. 

The brainchild behind OneZ Group are the couple co-founders, Ivan Wan and Annie Cheung. As a seasoned auctioneer and evaluator in a family-run business for over 15 years, Ivan directs the Group’s business development backed by his professional expertise and passion in entrepreneurship. Specialising in creative design, marketing, branding and everything visual, Annie is the creative brain that manages communications and strategy for the Group. Outside of work, she loves fashion and is a strong advocate of environmental sustainability.

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Ivan Wan


A professional auctioneer and proficient evaluator, Ivan creates most of the systems that the ventures of OneZ Group uses. His experiences in dealing with different commercial industry as well as government sectors enables him to have insights into businesses that are usually neglected or overlooked. He has equipped himself with more digital strategic knowledge and his ever adventurous attitude guides him into the eco-energy industry. Ivan is also very active in the community works, holding government appointed and volunteer positions.

Annie Cheung


The mastermind behind OneZ Group, Annie has a background in brand marketing in various industry through her brand & business consultancy experience. She has also been heavily involved with charity works in the local community, focusing on sustainability projects that has been locally and globally recognised. Annie holds a masters in marketing and uses her knowledge to assist and aspire others in creating profitable businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible to the world.

Audrey Yip

Head of Operations

A project manager who is passionate about culture & heritage, design and social innovation. Devoted to exploring the sustainable business model with social mission and always looking for new challenges. Contributed to OneZ Group operation.

Aaron Chung

Head of Marketing

Driven by hustler’s mentality, Aaron has started a business in FMCG industry after refreshing and extremely rewarding working experience at a unicorn startup and an international infant formula brand. By maximizing every last bit of energy, he grew a foreign healthy food brand into one of the most recognized brands in Hong Kong within half a year. With the experience of developing a business advocating revolutionary food and lifestyle experience in Hong Kong, Aaron is an entrepreneur (FMCG Industry) and a Beta Gamma Sigma Lifetime member, he strives for driving meaning and sustainable change. 


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33-35 Wong Chuk Hang,

Hong Kong

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